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Why should your company become a member of AHATA?

The economy of Aruba depends almost completely upon its tourism industry for its way of life. Current estimates show that the tourism industry supports 85% of all Aruba’s employment and 85% of the island’s GDP. This is not likely to change in the near future.

AHATA is the voice of Aruba’s tourism industry. It speaks for not only the hotels but all businesses which operate in the tourism sector. The more companies which join AHATA the more power we have as a spokesperson for our interests.

And AHATA works to support all of its members become stronger and more efficient. In today’s highly competitive climate it is critical that we make use of a shared knowledge base, benefit from practical solutions and be part of the latest developments that will positively affect the bottom line.


Let us share with you some of the main reasons for joining AHATA:

Advocacy In Protection Of The Tourism Industry’s Interests

AHATA is Aruba’s number one advocate speaking on behalf of our tourism industry. The collective interests of our members are vigorously protected and promoted through participation, education and lobbying to influence proposed legislation AHATA also works as closely as possible with all government agencies to represent the industry’s best interests.

AHATAs Representation On The Aruba Tourism Authority Board

AHATA appoints three of the seven directors of the Supervisory Board of the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA). This gives AHATA considerable influence over its strategies and plans, as well as its budget allocations, to ensure these plans reflect the core needs of our membership. AHATA also coordinates regular marketing committee meetings for North America, Europe, and Latin America as well as for Group business to provide input to the ATA.

Annual Tourism Conferences

Working jointly with the Aruba Tourism Authority, AHATA participates in the organization of the Annual Tourism Conference Aruba (ATCA) which brings to Aruba the most productive tourism tour operators and wholesalers from North America; the Conferencia Anual de Turismo de Aruba (CATA), a similar event geared towards the South American market; and Aruba Meets Europe (AME) a similar event geared toward the European market.

Business Information

We know any successful business needs current and reliable information. AHATA compiles a broad range of information that can assist you to plan your marketing activities, inventory, staffing and scheduling. This information is displayed on AHATA's website www.ahata.com (or can be sent to you) and is exclusively available to AHATA members. Such information includes overall hotel performance numbers, visitor arrival numbers, cruise visitor numbers, airline seat numbers, cruise ship schedules, performance numbers of our competitors, forecasts, as well as a whole array of the latest legislation and tax changes as they impact your business. We also frequently send out articles, links and other sources of information about the tourism sector which we know you will find both interesting and helpful.

Networking Opportunities

AHATA holds regular networking events to allow membership to meet and interact with each other in an informal setting. By attending these industry events you have the opportunity to access potential new clients or your business, forge new partnerships; make new friends, rekindle old ones and keep abreast of industry trends.

Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association Membership

By becoming an accommodations partner you will automatically become a member of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association where you will have the opportunity to participate in their Marketplace, at their conferences and take advantage of this regional trade association’s valuable educational materials and programs. For more information go to www.caribbeanhotelassociation.com

The Aruba Online-Bridal Registry

AHATA manages the first-ever Caribbean destination Online Bridal Registry which appears on www.aruba.com, allows couples to choose amongst our products/services for Wedding and Shower Gifts they would like to receive. Vendors have the opportunity, at no cost, to display their products on the web and AHATA members have a special discount on the per purchase commission.

Organization Of Travel Agent Familiarization Trips

AHATA is responsible for organizing individual familiarization trips for travel agents as part of its TRAM (Travel Agent Month) with agents coming to Aruba from all over the world. AHATA works closely with not only member hotels but also all of our other tourism businesses members to get additional exposure for their properties.

Casino Committee

AHATA supports a casino committee comprised of representatives from all the major casinos in Aruba. This committee represents their interests and shares mutually beneficial information.

Crisis Management Coordination

Both before and after an emergency AHATA is committed to providing guidance and support to help our members prepare for, and recover from, any emergency. AHATA will activate its Emergency Plan as soon as they are notified of an official emergency and information will be sent to our members listing contact phone numbers active during the emergency as well as the physical location of our staff. AHATA will be in communication with the ATA and other government agencies serving as a liaison for our members.


AHATA organizes many tourism-related committees. By participating actively in one of our committees you can be part of joint projects, find solutions to common problems, be better informed and to make a difference. 

Career Center

AHATA lists all available vacancies at member hotels and businesses including contact information.

AHATA Medical Insurance Program

As a member you will be eligible to participate in a medical plan that is specially designed group insurance package. This allows AHATA to provide employees of member companies access to an impressive range of medican insurance benefits that would otheriwse be out of reach or too costly for employees to purchase on an individual basis.

Pension Fund Tourism Sector

AHATA offers access to the Pension Fund Tourism Sector, which provides associates an additional income to the government pension.

Training And Professional Development

AHATA sponsors ongoing Training and Continuing Education seminars that focus on the most vital issues pertaining to Tourism.

Event Planning Assistance

AHATA has in-house expertise which can assist you with your event management needs such as meetings, symposiums, training sessions, product launches, corporate events or private events, etc.

AHATA Community Projects

AHATA has increasing involvement in critical community affairs, such as its Environmental Committee and its chairmanship of the Aruba Hospitality Security Foundation, both helping to support our efforts to be a clean and safe destination.

Membership Endorsement

As a member you will receive a membership plaque and a window decal for display showing your commitment to quality service and standards. As well you will have permission to use the AHATA logo on letterhead to lend support to the quality of your company.

 For 50 years now, AHATA has been and continues to be the official private non-profit organization and national voice of the Aruba Hotel Tourism Industry. Join us and together we can achieve even greater success and ensure our position as one of the premier vacation and incentive destinations.

To apply and/or for more information call AHATA office Te. 297- 582 2607 or send an email to info@ahata.com.



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