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In 2000 AHATA created a Security Committee to address the rising insecurity within the sector. Dialogue began with the Police Dept. and a study was made in the public and private sector to determine needs. June 1st, 2001 AH&SF was founded.
Initial actions centered around assistance to the Police Force while a vision, mission and strategic action plan was developed.
Our mission is to consistantly develop and facilitate strategic hospitality and security initiatives through sustainable partnerships in the public and private sector that are designed to keep Aruba safe, secure and environmentally friendly.

A strategic plan designed by the Aruba Commissioner of Police, so named "Visibility Team" who would patrol the high-rise hotel sector, consisting of:
1. Major, Aruba Police Department, supervising the Team;
2. 4 Police Officers
3. 4 Civil Police Officers
4. 8 Private Security Officers.
December, 2002, the project initiated with the Visibility Team in place at the high-rise hotels.
AHSF team The Visibility Team project saw immediate positive results Resulting in the low rise resorts coming on board in 2004 and enabled the AH&SF to expand with the Visibility Team low-rise in March of 2004 and in September 2004 in the down town area.

Where does the AH&SF stand today?

  • Successfully facilitates a VT in the high rise area since December 2002;
  • Facilitated operations of a VT in the low-rise area since March 2004;
  • Is patrolling on the water by the VT since the 2nd quarter of 2004;
  • Developed the VT into the downtown in the third quarter of 2004;
  • Expansion to San Nicolas since March 2005.

On the Human Resource side the K.P.A. (Police Force) manages:

Hi-Rise (all hotels)
  • 6 Private Security Officers;
  • 4 CEA Officers;
  • 4 KPA Officers;
  • 2 (Sergeant-level) Police.
Low-Rise (all hotels)
  • 6 Private Security Officers;
  • 6 CEA Officers
  • 3 KPA Officers

District Police Commander of Noord supervises (high/low rise hotel sectors) Visibility Team

AHSF team Downtown 17 Persons
District Police Commander of Oranjestad supervises (downtown) Visibility Team

San Nicolas 13 Persons
District Police Commander of San Nicolas supervises (San Nicolas) Visibility Team

Totaling 61 persons, 22 Private Security Officers on the payroll of the AH&SF.
  • In order to expand the program the Board of the AH&SF is determined to raise more funds from the retail private sector in order to:
  • Expand the VT presence in the Main street downtown;
  • Expand San Nicolas VT team;
  • And expand into other "no-man's land" like the Natural Bridge/ Arashi and Baby Beach.
  • Expand all Visibility Team Projects;
  • Increase Overall Awareness of line level Hotel Staff by means of training;
  • Enhance Water Sports / Sea Coverage;
  • Tie in and adapt Lost Zones:
  • Tierra Del Sol
  • Natural Bridge
  • Baby Beach
  • Arashi
  • Shift from staff support to material support

As security continues to play an important role for tourists choosing a travel destination, safety has stepped up in the ladder in importance. In Aruba AH & SF "marries hospitality + security" to provide tourists, neighbors and citizens with a great place to visit and live.

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