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AHATA continues to advocate for regulation of UTV’s and ATV’s

AHATA continues to advocate for regulation of UTV’s and ATV’s

The Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association continues to advocate for regulation of UTV and ATV vehicles on the island, for the sake of safety of the visitors and protection of Aruba’s biodiversity. 

Two meetings were held this week to seek further clarification on steps that the island is taking towards nature preservation. 

During a meeting with the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Spatial Development and Environment, and the Minister of Transport, the CEO of AHATA, Tisa LaSorte, had the opportunity to reiterate the request for regulation sent to the government in January of 2019.  It was agreed by all that regulation is essential.

The Minister of Justice assured AHATA that the Aruba government has no intention to ban UTV and ATV vehicles; to avoid further job losses during difficult economic times.

The Minister of Spatial Planning and Environment explained that the most recent legal step taken was to introduce 16 areas on the island as “protected nature areas”.  Motorized traffic is prohibited from these protected areas.

The Minister of Transport added that efforts are being made to introduce regulation for the vehicles, however, the process involves 5 ministries which requires a lot of coordination.

It was agreed by all that inspections of vehicles are one of the important requirements that must be enforced as well.  AHATA voiced concern for fair implementation and enforcement, so all companies are equally regulated and compliant.

In a meeting with the Arikok National Park (PNA), AHATA was able to discuss the park’s new policy for vehicles.

AHATA asked for clarification of the differentiation between SUV’s (jeeps) and UTV’s and ATV’s that is being made in the announcement. The PNA’s new policy bans ATV’s as of June 1st, restricts the number of UTV’s and SUV’s as of June 1st, and bans UTV’s as of October 31st.

In a subsequent meeting, this differentiation will be discussed in more detail. 

The conversation also touched on the goal to inspire creation of low-impact activities in the national park. AHATA will continue to help PNA to achieve responsible recreation within the nature preserve. Meanwhile, AHATA shall also continue to seek clarification for the activity companies that have been affected by the new vehicle policy.


AHATA ta sigui recomenda regulacion di UTV y ATV

CEO di Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association, Tisa LaSorte a atende 2 reunion e siman aki pa clarifica Aruba su pasonan pa cu regulacion di ATV y UTV. Desde Januari 2019, AHATA a manda un carta pa gobierno, cu un recomendacion di regulacion pa trese disciplina den e sector y pa crea mas proteccion pa hende y pa nos naturalesa.

E prome reunion a tuma lugar na Bestuurskantoor cu Minister di Husticia, Minister di Infrastructura y Medio Ambiente, y Minister di Transporte.  Durante e reunion AHATA a reitera su posicion cu regulacion y proteccion di nos naturalesa ta di gran importancia pa nos pais. Minister di Infrastructura y Medio Ambiente a clarifica cu a caba di introduci 16 area nobo como area protehi di naturalesa den Aruba su ROPV nobo.  Trafico motorisa lo ta prohibi den e area nan aki. 

Minister di Husticia a clarifica cu gobierno di Aruba no tin intencion di prohibi e uso di vehiculonan ATV y UTV na Aruba, y Minister di Transport a clarifica cu ta trahando riba regulacion, pero cu e proyecto ta toca varios ministerio y ta rekiri coordinacion.

Tur participante den e reunion tabata di acuerdo cu mester bin regulacion y cu ta importante pa e vehiculonan pasa keuring.  A subraya tambe cu mester sigura cu tin implementacion di regla pa tur compania por tin mesun restriccion y oportunidad.

E segundo reunion di AHATA tabata cu Parke Nacional Arikok (PNA) tocante nan maneho nobo. Durante e reunion cu PNA, AHATA a pidi pa clarificacion di e diferencia entre SUV (jeep), UTV y ATV den nan maneho nobo, pasobra a anuncia cu SUV (jeep) no lo ta prohibi despues di 31 October.  
A prohibi ATV desde 1 Juni y UTV desde 31 October. Den un sigiente reunion lo bai den mas detaye riba e pregunta aki.  A conversa tambe riba e meta pa inspira actividad nobo den Parke Nacional Arikok cu ta mas sostenibel y duradero y cu lo tin menos impacto riba e naturalesa. 

AHATA lo sigui coopera cu PNA pa yega na recreacion responsabel den e parke nacional. Mientrastanto, lo sigi busca mas claridad tambe pa e companianan afecta pa e maneho nobo.   

Posted on May 15, 2020

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