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Tourism recovery will take time

AHATA: Tourism recovery will take time

The Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association has published the latest hotel performance data showing the crisis’ effect on 2020 tourism so far.  The third consecutive month without tourism has affected the average for the first half of the year as follows:

Occupancy: At 50.6 points lower than the same period in 2019, the 2020 year-to-date average occupancy rate is 35.3%.

ADR: The average daily rate (for occupied rooms) is 19.1% higher than the same period last year, at $357.74.

RevPAR: The revenue per available room is $126.33 year-to-date; a 51% drop.

The projected occupancy for July is 9%, however, hotels report that they continue to receive cancellations.  A gradual recovery is expected with a 40% occupancy rate reached in December.

The road to recovery is long and most companies shall experience higher cost than income levels for quite some time. The economic crisis is still ahead of us, causing the need for continued financial assistance from the Netherlands. Programs such as the wage subsidy allow companies to survive and maintain employment. Meanwhile, many will still need to restructure to have a future beyond the subsidies.  

Without the wage subsidy and loans from the Netherlands in the coming months many businesses would need to file for bankruptcy and Aruba would experience massive unemployment.


AHATA: Recuperacion di turismo ta bai tuma tempo

Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association (AHATA) ta acumula e cifranan di ocupacion y prijs di hotelnan tur luna, y ta informa cu despues di 3 luna consecutivo sin turismo na Aruba e averahe di prome mitar di 2020 ta lo sigiente:

Ocupacion: E ocupacion na hotelnan a baha cu 50.6 punto compara cu e mesun temporada na 2019, yegando grado averahe di ocupacion di 35.3%.

ADR: E balor averahe di cada camber ocupa a subi te awor cu 19.1% compara cu e mesun 6 lunanan di aña pasa, yegando $357.74.

RevPAR: E entrada averahe pa tur camber disponibel, tabata $126.33; un reduccion di 51% compara cu e averahe un aña pasa.

Proyeccion pa ocupacion den luna di Juli ta na 9% actualmente, aunke hotelnan ta raporta cu ta ricibi cancelacion di reservacion continuamente. Expectativa ta pa un crecemento gradual cu lo yega ocupacion di 40% na December.

E temporada di recuperacion ta largo y ta un temporada unda gasto ta keda mas halto cu entrada pa companianan cu ta depende di turismo. Ta importante pa realisa cu e crisis economico ta nos dilanti ainda, creando e necesidad di ayudo financiero di Reino pa por mantene mas tanto compania habri cu ta posibel y mantene empleo den nos comunidad.

Sin subsidio di salario y fiansa di Reino Huldandes den e lunanan nos dilanti, hopi negoshi lo mester bati bancarota y lo tin  desempleo masal.

Posted on Jul 09, 2020

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